Our Journey to Raw Milk, Part 1

Prior to moving out on my own, I had been interested in eating more real food for a while. I had watched a few different Netflix documentaries at the time, but was still, for the most part, at the will of my parents groceries. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about eating groceries my parents graciously paid for. My husband lived with his parents until he was 27 and he was able to save quite a bit that eventually went towards the downpayment for our homestead. I still tell anyone who is able to, stay at home while you can!

I was 22 when I moved out on my own and in with my now husband and began really experimenting with more natural and organic options. For the first year or so I bought whatever the cheapest organic skim milk the store I happened to be in that day carried. Slowly, my quest for a more natural lifestyle also led me towards low-waste living and I decided to actively strive to minimize my environmental footprint. A local dairy that I’d gone to for years for an occasional ice cream treat produced their own pasteurized, homogenized milk and sells it in glass bottles. It was only slightly out of the way for me to stop on my way home from work, and the price was less expensive than what I was paying for store brand organic. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it sooner!

I still to this day don’t know anything about the cows, their living conditions, what they eat, or even whether the milk was ultra-pasteurized, flash pasteurized and so on. Their website didn’t give much information and my shyness always beat out my desire to get more information. Local, seemingly uninterested teenagers were who I typically saw working, so I assumed they probably didn’t know the answers to my questions anyways. Not that I blamed them, I certainly wouldn’t have at their age. This is what ultimately led me to start exploring raw milk.

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