Our Journey to Raw Milk, Part 2

Although we didn’t start consistently buying raw milk until a few months ago, the first time I purchased raw milk was actually over a year ago.

In Pennsylvania, we’re lucky to have fairly lax raw milk laws. Raw milk sales are legal in retail stores so long as a few requirements are met. In my area, we have one natural food store that sells it by the half and whole gallon. I’d begun going to this store about once a month to get some items that I wasn’t able to find in my other grocery stores. I enjoyed looking around the store, learning about new items, and had seen the raw milk for sale several times. Finally, one day I bit the bullet and bought a small bottle.

It sat in the fridge for two days before I finally opened it. I was nervous. I didn’t know if it would taste different, and all the hype of how dangerous raw milk can be was swirling in my head. I took such a small sip I don’t remember a single thing about it. I may have even just dipped my finger into it and tasted it that way. After that small taste, as I was making dinner, back in the fridge it went…. and it sat there. It sat there until it went ‘bad’ or as I now know, it just soured, and down the drain it went.

Fast forward to this past August. My interest in raw milk was once again piqued. I read up on raw milk and it’s benefits. Jill from The Prairie Homestead and Shaye from The Elliott Homestead gave me the courage to go all in. Back to our local food store I went and purchased a half gallon of raw milk. This time, I eagerly came home and poured myself a glass. It wasn’t as life-changing as some had made it out to be, however, I’ve been drinking whole, local milk for a while, and this was from a store. That being said, I was still hooked. I wasn’t afraid, and knowing how much better this was for me than the dead milk I had been drinking, I knew I wasn’t going back.

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