My Favorite Kitchen Items

Both my husband and I work full-time. Between work, taking care of our animals, spending time with family, and other hobbies, we’re pretty busy. Housework is one area I am constantly seeking out ways to improve. This includes making things faster, but also improving our quality of life. With the holiday season here, I thought now would be a great time to share my favorite products that take care of both.

1. Instant Pot

IpThis is hands down my favorite item in my kitchen. Ours is about 3 years old now, and aside from the huge dent in it’s side (husband has no idea how it got there 🙄 ), it’s just as wonderful as it was the day I got it. I’ve made everything in this thing, from yogurt to broth to countless roasts, stews, and chilis. I haven’t tried baking in it yet, although there are countless recipes out there to do so. It’s essentially replaced my crock pot as well. I have an 8 quart model, which is a good size for meals for my husband and I with leftovers.

2. Tramontina Ceramic Pans

These are a great alternative for anyone who wants to avoid all the potentially harmful coatings on standard pans, but aren’t ready to take the leap to cast iron. I bought these from SAM’s Club a little over a year ago and have loved them ever since. They’re made from aluminum that’s been coated with ceramic, free from PFTE/PFOA, and chip resistant. They’re a breeze to cook with, and I rarely have any sticking issues.


3. Air Fryer


I’ll be honest… this isn’t my favorite product, but it is, hands down, my husband’s favorite. He uses it almost daily to reheat various foods. He’s a big fan of french fries, frozen chicken nuggets, burritos (I’m working on him 😜). He’s a big eater despite being a rail, so this helps him feed himself outside of our typical mealtimes.


4. KitchenAid Mixer

41kBBKtRW8L._SL250_This is actually my second KitchenAid Mixer. I ended up selling my basic model and upgrading not longer after purchasing it originally! I knew I wanted to be able to make bread on a fairly regular basis, and the base model just couldn’t handle all the kneading. This model handles it easily. On top of that, I just love how it looks on the counter. I use it often for bread, baked goods, whipping up mashed potatoes, and shredding chicken. 


These are the four things in my kitchen I’d go out and replace if they broke. I have many other things I use daily, but I haven’t found the best wooden spoon yet, for example. Side note.. if you have a wooden spoon you rave out, let me know! I’d love to get a good one that is moderately priced. I hope this helps you out! Let me know if you have any questions!


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