What We’ve Been Eating + An Update

Hello everyone!

Long time, no talk! Things have been pretty hectic around here the past several weeks. Our families have several birthdays after the holidays and my husband and I were out of town as well. We were actually supposed to go to Italy, but, for obvious reasons, that had to be cancelled.

We have both been home full-time due to the virus for a week now. I thought you might enjoy seeing what we’ve eaten this past week! I didn’t think of this until today, so I unfortunately don’t have photos. I’ll take some this upcoming week and write again!

Sunday – On Sunday, I ‘roasted’ a whole chicken in my Instant Pot. We ate some of the meat along with some mashed potatoes and green beans. The leftover chicken I shredded to use later in the week. I also made some bone broth with the rest! I’m still working on my recipe for this. I’ll be sure to share when I’ve perfected it!

Monday – On Monday we had tacos! I made homemade tortillas after being unable to find any at the store. It was a first for me, and there’s room for improvement, but they were edible! I think I need to roll them a bit thinner and lower my stove heat. I browned a pound of ground beef (we order part of a cow with my parents every year) and sprinkled in some homemade taco seasoning. For sides, we had lettuce, tomato, refried beans, cheese, and sour cream. My avocados weren’t quite ripe, so I wasn’t able to have any. I also love corn on my tacos. My husband thinks it’s weird.. anyone else like corn with tacos??

Tuesday – For dinner tonight, I had planned on using the leftover chicken for stir-fry. However, my husband and I decided to organize and inventory our freezer. While we were doing this, I found a package of cubed pork and decided to use it instead. For the stir fry, I browned the pork in some avocado and sesame oil (I only use sesame oil for stir fry, I love the taste it gives). I set the pork aside and cooked some chopped peppers and onions until soft. Then, I cooked some frozen broccoli, as well as a small bag of mixed vegetables to bulk it up. I threw it all back in the pan, drizzled some coconut aminos (this is a great, healthier alternative to soy sauce), and served over rice!

Wednesday – Wednesday I put the leftover chicken to use in some chicken alfredo. We had some frozen, homemade noodles I made about a month ago. I cooked them up and heated up a can of alfredo sauce my husband snuck into the shopping cart.. it was organic at least! I also cooked some frozen broccoli to toss in as well.

Thursday – Tonight, I made a fabulous shepherd’s pie. I started by peeling, cubing, boiling and mashing 4 large potatoes. While mashing, I mixed in 1/3 cup shredded cheddar. I also peeled, diced, and mashed 5 carrots. Next, I cooked 1 diced onion until translucent and then added a pound of ground beef, cooking through. I added about 2 tablespoons flour to the meat and let it cook for about a minute. Then I added a little under a cup of the bone broth I made earlier this week, in addition to about a tablespoon of ketchup. Beef broth would be better, but it was still delicious, and I used what I had! Bring that to a boil and simmer for 5 minutes. I also had about half a can of corn left that needed used, so I tossed it in too. Once that’s done simmering, pour it into a 2qt casserole dish. Top with the mashed carrot, then the mashed potatoes. Finally, top it all off with some more shredded cheddar! Bake at 375 for 20 minutes.

Friday – As I write this, I have a beef roast going in the Instant Pot. I browned it in the pot on all sides, added salt and pepper, and cooked on high pressure for 40 minutes. Let it natural release for 20 minutes, and added 3 large potatoes, 2 sweet potatoes, and 4 carrots, all diced. Put the lid back on and cook on high pressure for 20 more minutes, then allow it to naturally release for 10-20 minutes. It smells amazing, can’t wait!

I hope that this was helpful for anyone struggling to come up with meal ideas lately. I’ve been enjoying being able to spend more time thinking about our food, instead of dreading having to make dinner after a long workday.

I also hope that wherever you are, you have the ability to stay safe and healthy during these uncertain times. To anyone who is still out there working and providing for all of us, thank you so much. To anyone who isn’t working and is worried about making ends meet, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Until next time!



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